A Goodbye to Stacey

A little off the topic of our usual blog entries, but I thought this might be a new and different way to say goodbye. One of the members of the Smart Author Sites staff, Stacey Elms, will be leaving us next month to go on to bigger and better things.

So I want to use this blog entry as a tribute to her and her work. If you’ve been one of the privileged clients who got to work with Stacey during her time with us, please post your goodbye message/thank you to her below.

Thanks for participating!


  1. Stacey,
    Thanks for all the help and insight you gave me. Hate to see you go, but new beginnings are really what life is all about. That’s why the sun comes up every morning, even if we can’t see it. Best of luck with your new gig. Take care.

  2. Dear Stacey,
    Just read in the newsletter about your moving onward and upward. Our warmest congratulations to you. You will be missed. We appreciate all of your assistance with The Side-Yard Superhero. Your quality work, fast response rate, and ease of communication were top notch.
    Best wishes,
    Sheree & Rick Niece

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