Building Your Author Media Page/Press Kit

Do you have a media page on your author website? It’s purpose is to provide the media with the information they might need to feature you in their next piece.

If you decide to have a press page on your website, here are some ideas about what it should include:

  • Downloadable Cover Art (both in 72dpi for the web and 300dpi for print)
  • Downloadable Author Pix (ditto)
  • Press Releases
  • List of Books You’ve Published
  • TV Interview Video Clips
  • Radio Interviews
  • Contact Information (for you, your publisher, your publicist, your agent…)

And even if they’re featured elsewhere on the site, you should also provide the media with easy access to downloadable/easy cut-and-paste versions of:

  • Author Bio
  • Book Pub Details
  • Book Synopsis
  • Book Promo Blurbs
  • Table of Contents
  • Testimonials

Here are a few examples of authors’ online media kits. You can see that different authors go about it differently. I don’t think any of these are perfect, but maybe it will help you formulate ideas when you see what others are doing:

I must confess that this is not something I’ve recommended for all of my clients. So if you have one on your author website, please let me know…. did it work? Do you feel like you got more press because you made this information handy? Did you include any information that’s missing from this list? Share your thoughts!


  1. Hi, Karin,

    What a good home page–short and sweet and to the point!

    I’m just about to write my own media kit page for the press and other reviewers for my funny memoir, GRANDMA DOES HIS DUTY.

    I’ve been poring through my books for weeks, but with poor results until I came to your home page. Everything I needed was right there.(a list!)

    The problem with some very excellent books like “The Well Fed Self-Publisher” is that they are so crammed with information that you have to study for months to sort it all out. I prefer to start in first grade, and go from there, before I start building an empire!

    Thanks, Paul

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