A New Way for Authors to Get ‘Discovered’

I came across this article today on MediaBistro. Just thought I’d share it with my author friends.

Apparently, Penguin has created a new website called Book Country — a place where authors can connect with reviewers, publishing professionals, and readers. Here’s a direct quote from the article: “Authors can use the site to share their work and get some help polishing it off. The social site’s users includes an array of authors, editors and agents to help guide writers from rough draft to published work.”

For authors who are looking to get “discovered,” this is yet another way to get your manuscript in the right hands. Molly Barton, Director of Business Development at Penguin Group USA, says that Penguin editors are reading material on the site and looking for potential acquisitions. I hope she’s right!

Lastly, starting this summer, authors will be able to self-publish e-books through the website. So just in case the Penguin editors don’t snatch up your novel, you can take matters into your own hands.

This site certainly sounds like something worth checking out. If you get involved in it, please do let us know if it was any benefit to you.

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  1. Hi. I was wondering what services you can offer as far as helping to tell the world about my book ( like a book review ). I didnt quite understand everything I read above and what I must do to participate in this program. I am a new author who just published Imperfect World by Richard B. Meza ( me ). Please write me back and let me know what I must do to particpate in the program and what costs are involved. I have a limited marketing budget right now, but I may want to go through with it. Thanks for your time. Have a happy and safe holiday season. Richard Meza

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