Building an author website requires a comprehensive plan for strategy and execution. Here are the services we provide as part of our websites for authors.

Pre-Launch Services

Websites for Authors Site Strategy Consultation

successful websites for authorsWhat is the goal for the website? To sell products? Collect email addresses? Sell books? Before a site is even designed, the owner of that site needs to be able to clearly articulate what the site is about, who its for, what makes it unique and what would make it a success (and worth the investment). After this half-hour phone consultation, followed up by formal and concrete written recommendations, a new site owner can clearly understand — and be able to communicate — the overall purpose and goal of that site. Those recommendations will then play out throughout the design and development process. It will include recommendations on:

  • URL/tagline/branding
  • What should be featured most prominently on your site
  • What to promote and where to ensure “successful” site visits
  • Content tree and organization
  • Creative content ideas to accomplish the said goals
SEO Research and Implementation Recommendations

One of the primary ways to drive traffic to websites for authors is through the search engines (like Google). That’s why it’s important that any new site be properly optimized to appear for the keywords people search for the most. As part of this package, we identify keywords that provide the greatest chance of success for the client. This recommended keyword list is based on a combination of client input and extensive research into search traffic and levels of competition. The final product is:

  • A list of the 10-15 keywords you should target, based on an algorithm of searches and competition
  • Recommendations about which keyword should be associated with each site page
  • Coaching and/or execution of keyword implementation
Site Content Guidance

Once you’ve started actually writing the content for your site, it’s important for someone with extensive content experience to review it and ensure that it accomplishes what it’s intended to. Elements that will be reviewed include:

  • Is it enough copy? Too much?
  • Does it capture people’s attention?
  • Does it direct them to do what’s intended?
  • Does it properly incorporate the recommended keywords?
  • Does it need light editing?
  • Is it visually interesting enough? What would help make it more so?
Blogging Consultation and Hand-Holding

Many people know that they should be blogging. What they don’t understand is how to blog. In other words, how can they make sure that the time investment in a blog pays off? In this one-hour consultation, I walk a new site owner through:

  • How to come up with an idea/theme for their blog
  • Where to get blogging ideas on a regular basis
  • Frequency of blogging
  • How to optimize blog posts for search
  • How to build blog followers
  • How to turn blog traffic into buyers/fans
  • How to use blogging features, such as plug-ins and categorization

Design and Development Services

In partnership with our friends at 515 media, we will ensure that all the pre-launch strategy plans that we’ve mapped out are executed in a beautiful, efficient and mobile-friendly site design.

Post-Launch Services

An Analysis of Your Google Analytics, and Corresponding Recommendations for Improvement

This is probably one of the most important services related to websites for authors, and yet so many authors have no idea that they need it – or that such a service even exists. And yet, building a site without having someone analyze your analytics is kind of like starting a business and then never looking at where your customers are coming from or which business investments are paying off. As part of this service, I provide regular analytics reports and analysis. This can be done either monthly or quarterly, depending on a client’s preference, and includes:

  • Overall site traffic numbers (in comparison to the previous report)
  • The days that stand out as the highest traffic in that time period, and theories as to why
  • A breakdown of where the site traffic is coming from (organic/social/referrals), and which areas have room for improvement
  • The pages that people visit the most, and what can be done to replicate their success
  • The pages that people exit the most, and how they can be improved to better be kept on site
  • Which pages have the biggest payoff (i.e. they convert visitors into buyers)
  • Any technical issues that may be slowing down site speed or making the site less user-friendly on a certain platform
  • If the analytics report indicates ANY significant changes from the previous report

Contact us today for pricing on any of these services. You can pick and choose what best suits you, and we can customize them for your needs.