13 Great Attention-Grabbing Lines on Author Websites

author-taglineSo often, I recommend that an author write a tagline or attention-grabbing intro sentence for their homepage. This helps visitors get a really good idea of whose site they’re on in about 5 seconds. After all, the author’s name across the top — “John Jones,” for example — could be an accountant, a spiritual consultant … or an author.

Plus, these first few seconds are an author’s chance to really grab someone’s attention and whet their appetite, or lose that potential reader forever. Sounds important, right?

And yet, many authors that I work with struggle over this. Sometimes they write three-paragraph soliliquies that are way too long. Other times they write something as uncreative as “Author” to appear right next to their name. And some authors just can’t figure out how to summarize their writing in a way that seems remotely interesting.

With that in mind, I have identified some author websites (some which we built, some we did not) that I think do an exceptional job of introducing the author’s writings in a brief blurb that really grabs people’s attention. Some of these appear right next to the author’s name, others are in a bolded sentence right in the middle of the homepage.

Hopefully one of these can be an inspiration for you.

1. MargueriteVardman.com

Life, death and everything in between

2. IsabellaLaFlesche.com

Best-selling author in search of all things chic

3. MaryMaddox.com

Writing that is not afraid of the dark

4. ThomasRichardHarry.com

Challenging today’s party politics

5. SteveRRoberts.com

Action-adventure, new characters, new places

6. CynthiaAttoney.com

I write character-driven teen novels with twisty plots–because life is complicated

7. EkaterinaBooks.com

Fiction for the young at heart

8. RichardAMDixon.com

Adventures of an infantry soldier

9. RichardSharpNovels.com

Words about time

10. FourHourBody.com

An uncommon guide to rapid fat-loss, incredible sex and becoming superhuman

11. PamelaMooreDionne.com

Is there something in string theory physics that can explain ghosts?

12. ChrisGuillebeau.com

The art of noncomformity

13. 2ndCenturyChristians.com

Explore the world of 2nd century Christianity

As you can see, these authors write fiction, nonfiction, YA novels, self-help books and more. A great tagline isn’t limited to one type of author or one type of genre. Think outside the box and come up with the right line for your website.