5 Book Marketing Mistakes That Cost You Sales

I came across a GREAT blog post today by author marketing guru Judy Cullins. Here are some of the highlights, quoted directly from the post…


Most authors sell only 200 self-published books. … In my 25 years of book coaching, so many clients don’t do the homework (actions) necessary to make their books well known to their target audience. … Here are 5 mistakes you don’t need to make…

1. Your name or your book aren’t well known enough because you don’t invest the time for a Social Media Book Marketing Campaign. Yes, your book is on Amazon. That’s not a big deal if you don’t send your audience to buy it there. Put up an author page and remember to add your Amazon book cover and blurb to your LinkedIn profile.

2. You present the wrong message about your book. Remember, it’s the hook, not the book. Your audience only cares about what the book will do for them. They don’t care about your story. They don’t care about the number of pages or the quotes or even what’s in the book. If you are a good marketer, your efforts will pay off.

3. You are not savvy with SEO strategies. Aim for top ranking in Google. It takes some time, but you can make it happen with the power of keywords.

4. You don’t realize the importance of a book website and getting targeted traffic there. Conversion rates of opt-ins and book sales are all important, so you must also produce a short sales message for each book, product, or service you want to market.

5. You give up too fast. You need to keep writing valuable content for your blog until you build a following and community who likes you and your information. Think at least six months.


Amen, Judy!