6 Ways That Authors Should Be Using Facebook

I came across an interesting article this morning in my trusted Internet & Marketing Report newsletter. It talked about a survey that was run on Facebook, asking the Facebook fans of various companies exactly what they want most when becoming a “fan” or following someone on Facebook.

Here’s what they say they’re expecting from the companies they’re following, as well as my own interpretation of how authors can use this information.

  1. 1. Excusive Content, Events or Sales
    Percentage of people saying it’s important: 58%
    What authors can do: Share information on Facebook that you don’t anywhere else. Promote your events, offer special writings exclusively to your Facebook fans, and share information on how your book is doing, feedback you’re getting on it, etc…
  2. 2. Discounts or Promos
    Percentage of people saying it’s important: 58%
    What authors can do: If you’re selling the book yourself, offer a special discount for Facebook fans. You can also consider selling autographed copies of the book exclusively to people who have become fans on Facebook. If you’re offering special contests, tell your Facebook people first to give them a leg up on others. In short, there some financial advantage that comes with committing to your Facebook fan page.
  3. 3. Updates, Photos or Videos
    Percentage of people saying it’s important: 47%
    What authors can do: Duh! Post on Facebook. And frequently. Post status updates about your daily experiences as an author. Upload photos and videos of yourself at book signings, or when you’re meeting fans. There’s no such thing as posting too much on Facebook.
  4. 4. Relevant Content Based on the Info in Their Profiles
    Percentage of people saying it’s important: 36%
    What authors can do: Now, this is a little trickier than the others, because it involves some legwork. Basically, authors should start by looking at the profiles of the people who have become their Facebook fans. Are they other writers? Are they readers? Just people interested in the subject matter of the book? Whatever it is, get a good sense of who they are, and post content on Facebook that is relevant to them. After all, what you would post to a group of authors is probably very different from what you would post to people who just love sci-fi books, right?
  5. 5. The Ability to Interact With the Page Owner
    Percentage of people saying it’s important: 28%
    What authors can do: Interact, interact, interact. That means that you need to pose questions to your readers, look for their responses, and keep the conversation going. Also, encourage fans to submit questions to you, and respond to those too. Once someone becomes a fan of yours, they’re fully expecting to be able to communicate with you through your fan page, so don’t disappoint.