A Writer Blogging for Writers

It’s one of the most common questions I get from authors: “What in the world would I blog about?” Most authors who’ve done their research understand that blogging is great for keeping their site current and for driving traffic there. But as far as what to blog about … well, that’s a lot harder to figure out.

For nonfiction authors, the answer is a little clearer. If you’ve written a book on a subject, then you clearly have a great deal of knowledge on that subject. And people who have read your book are interested in it. So blogging about that is no big stretch. So an author of a book about politics, for instance, should be able to regularly blog about what’s going on in politics, and offer their two cents on the latest political news.

But it’s a little bit harder for fiction authors to figure out what to blog about. They’re not known for an expertise in any specific subject. And people generally don’t blog with fictional stories. So what’s a novelist to do?

That’s where this idea comes in: a writer blogging for writers. After all, fiction authors are writers at heart. So they should blog about what they know best: writing! In fact, there are millions of want-to-be authors out there that would be dying to know how a published author (even self-published) like you got their idea for a book, how they wrote it, the challenges they faced, etc…

Look at your blog as your chance to offer the world an inside peek into your writing habits and challenges. As you work on your next book, share your thoughts and feelings on inspiring ideas, middle-of-the-night writing sessions, or writer’s block.

Writing is your thing, so why not use your blog to share it? These musings can help you to find new followers, and can help them to understand how an author makes writing work. It’s a win-win!

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