What Annoys You on Author Websites?

shoutingToday’s blog post is intended to be more of a conversation than anything else. So … here goes.

There are tons of good author websites out there, and many others that are less than desirable.

So today, let’s focus on those that aren’t our favorites. Use the comments box below to share with us the pet peeves that you have about author websites. I’m going to start by sharing five of my “favorites.”

1. Music playing as soon as you arrive (there might be people around me!)

2. Too much design and not enough information (pretty only goes so far…)

3. A navigation with too many links (sites should be easy to browse)

4. Navigation that changes from page to page (this is how we know where we are, people!)

5. A Flash intro (need I say more?)


Okay, now it’s your turn. Share with us what really bugs you about author websites. Then make sure not to make these mistakes on your own site!