Author Success Story: Patrick Maguire, MD

In the second post of this series (click here to see the first), we’re featuring Patrick Maguire, MD, the author of “When Cancer Hits Home.” His book was released and his website launched in December. Since then, he has been getting rave book reviews, good site traffic (at least 500 visitors each month), and lots of media appearances.

So what is Patrick doing right? Here are his answers to our questions….

1. Who built your website? How was the experience?

Karin & Mike from built my site, They were extremely knowledgeable yet responsive to my input. Overall, the experience was superb!

2. Which social networking sites do you regularly participate in? Facebook? Twitter? GoodReads? LinkedIn? Any others?

Only Facebook & only as “fan page”

3. How has your online presence (be it through a website or social networking profiles) increased your visibility/book sales?

Visibility has definitely increased. Book sales tend to lag a bit behind the increased visibility.

4. What is your “secret” to achieving this success? Were there any tricks or creative ideas (i.e. a contest) that you used?

Link to Facebook fan page, with >100 fans thus far, has been one critical point. Regular blog (about once per week) about cancer in the news, etc has also helped.

5. Is there anything you would do differently if you were starting over again?

Newsletter has not been too helpful  and I would eliminate it. But the advice from folks at Smart Author Sites was excellent and wouldn’t change a thing! I’d still like to better connect to other bloggers, etc.

6. What is the greatest lesson you’ve learned in the process of building your online presence as an author?

Online presence as author takes consistent work, similar to book marketing in general.

7. How and where do you promote your website? Is the URL on business cards? Your email signature?

Email signature. Also, any e-mail ads that I send out always have both Amazon URL & my website URL.

8. Final words of wisdom for any new authors wondering how to get started….

Talk to the folks at Smart Author Sites!!


Aw, thanks, Patrick! We’re blushing…