Author Taglines: The Whens, Whys and Hows

“What’s an author tagline and why should I use one?”

I got that question this morning when I was on the phone with an author. So maybe it’s worth answering for all authors who are thinking about developing a website.

When and Why
There’s one very good reason to include a tagline under your name on your author website: to capture people’s attention.

As I’ve said in previous blog posts, someone visiting your website is likely to decide in three seconds whether to stay or to go. What do you want them to see in those three seconds? How are you going to capture their attention?

I build many author websites that include nothing in the header bar except the author’s name. Some add an author photo. Others like a pretty background image, like a landscape. All of that is well and good, but how much information does that really convey to a visitor?

As I explained on the phone this morning to my new client, if the header of your website simply included your name and your photo, how is someone to know who you are or what you write about? You could be a lawyer writing about contract negotiations or you could be a novelist who tells stories of aliens invading earth.

It’s in your best interest to allow people to understand the tone and theme of your writings as soon as they arrive on the website. Some of that is done with pictures, colors, textures, etc… That’s all design. But there’s a power that comes with words, too. And that’s where the tagline comes in.

How to Write an Author Tagline
Depending on the subject matter of your books, your tagline could be anything from “Your one-stop resource for the latest in contracts” (the lawyer referenced above) or “Taking you on a wild ride to the world of the extraterrestrial” (the novelist referenced above).

Some authors choose to go a little more simplistic, with something like: “Romance writer,” and that’s fine too.

Basically, it’s just important that someone know who you are and what you write about in those first few seconds after landing on your website.

Here are a few author taglines that my clients have used. Hopefully these will provide you with some ideas as you try to come up with your own.

As always, I’m available for a free consultation to help you decide on your author website, author tagline and more!