Author Website Do’s and Don’ts

Recently a blogger for Publishers Weekly, Barbara Vey, wrote a piece about what she likes and doesn’t like on author websites. The full post is here, but I thought I’d include the highlights:

  • DO have a website in the first place!
    Quote: “To me, being an author is a business and as a business you need people to see the product.  What’s available and what’s coming up at the very least.”
  • DON’T go over-the-top in terms of design.
    Quote: “No need for video or anything flashy.  Just something that says I take my job seriously and here’s why you should read my work.”
  • DO include essential information for readers.
    Quote: “I’d like to know if there’s a backlist, what order I should read the books in, if they’re part of a series.”
  • DON’T let your website look outdated.
    Quote: ” I’m embarrassed for them when I see their latest release showing 2003 when I know they’ve written more since then.”
  • DO find ways to have something new on your site regularly.
    Quote: “… attach a Twitter feed box.  That way, every time you Tweet something it shows up on your website.  Instant updating and you only had to type 140 characters (or less).”
  • DO include a “Buy” button next to each of your books.
    Quote: “When the reader is really interested in something, make it easy for them to purchase immediately.”

Barbara, I couldn’t agree with you more 🙂