5 Ways That Author Websites Are Turning Off Readers

I came across this great conversation on Amazon about things that drive readers crazy on author websites. Authors beware: These small things can actually make the difference between someone buying your book and telling their friends about it and … well … not.

Here’s a synopsis of the author website pet-peeves that readers made in the conversation:

  1. Not including a synopsis and excerpt from every book. “I hate when I get to an author’s web site and all I get is a synopsis of their latest book or an upcoming book and a #$%^ “printable booklist” for the rest. This is especially miffing with older works.”
  2. Looking outdated. “So many [authors] appear to be content with a site of the quality that hasn’t been acceptable since the mid-1990s.”
  3. Not taking advantage of the unlimited space and available technology. “Some authors have amazing websites, with long excerpts, ‘making ofs’ , pictures and information about the locations their books are set in, and sometimes even wallpapers and forums.”
  4. Not keeping your site current. “While it might not be fair, if i go to an authors website and it’s not up to date, or doesn’t contain a lot of info, or if they don’t even have one (like some authors don’t), then while their book won’t go on my DNR, it will move down the list on the TBR…why should I care about an author who can’t keep a website up to date etc…specially with how easy it is now a days”
  5. Too much technology. “It may be slow to open for people who have slower connections. And some people may be put off by the sounds of nature it has.”

Take a look at your website. Are you guilty of any of these? It just may be costing you readers.

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