Building a Book Website for an International Book

There are thousands of author websites out there. And most of them are pretty standard in terms of what they include. But sometimes, an author website has to be pretty different from others. A book that’s being published internationally is one of those instances.

I’m going to use a few of the author websites I created as examples here. These authors also happen to be a few of my favorite clients — Ann Weisgarber and Sherry Jones — whose books were published in many countries.

Here’s what we did with and to promote their books in multiple countries. If you are building a website for such a book, you may want to steal some of these ideas…

  • Include links to buy the book from websites based in as many countries as possible (, for instance). You want it to be as easy as possible for people to purchase the book published in their language, and sold through their currency.
  • Create duplicate websites (or at least pages of the website) in whatever languages the book is published in. See Ann’s French website and Sherry’s Spanish website.
  • Don’t let multiple book covers confuse people! Books published in different countries often have different covers. So make it as clear as possible which covers correspond with which country’s publication. We do this on Ann’s homepage and Sherry’ International News page.
  • Include news and reviews, sorted by country, as we also did on Sherry’s International News page.
  • If the book is published by different publishing companies in different countries, make sure to list each publishing company’s name and a link to their website. Again, this was done on Sherry’s site.

So what do you think? Are we missing anything? Did these ideas help you? Please share your thoughts!

And if you’re interested in talking with us about developing a website for your international book, contact us today for a free consultation!