Faces, Faces, Faces!

I was reading one of my favorite work-related newsletters the other day: The Internet and Marketing Report.

I came across an interesting tidbit from a marketing professional about the power of actually showing people’s faces on your website. It’s a suggestion that I took to heart.

Take a look at our homepage now: www.SmartAuthorSites.com. Instead of a list of our latest clients, we now have their names and faces. We’ve also added a face next to each testimonial on the site. And, yes, I finally gave in and included my face as well.

It’s hard to believe I never thought of this sooner. But it really does seem to make a difference. A name is so much more powerful with a face next to it. A testimonial from a client has more punch when you can see who’s saying it.

With that in mind, here are a few ways that authors can use this idea to their advantage as well…

  • Put photos next to reviewer names
  • ALWAYS include photos next to book testimonials (when possible, of course)
  • Embed a Facebook widget that shows the faces of your Facebook fans
  • Include a picture of yourself wherever it’s appropriate on the site
  • If you have other people involved in your book (an illustrator, a publicist), get their pictures in there, too
  • Include photos of you meeting fans at book signings

Web 2.0 is one of faces, faces, faces. Just look at Facebook or Twitter and you’ll see them everywhere. So it only makes sense to incorporate this idea into websites as well.

What do you think about all the faces on our site now? Am I missing any ideas for other ways authors can add faces to their sites? Please share your thoughts!