What Should Fiction Authors Blog About?

Adding a blog to an author website can be a huge help in terms of search engine optimization, driving traffic to the website and getting readers to return to your site on a regular basis. But I’m often asked the question: “What should I blog about?”

For non-fiction authors, the answer is pretty easy. Blog about what you write your books about. If you’re an author of political books, blog about politics. If you write about fashion, blog about fashion. Pretty simple, right? After all, you know that it’s already of interest to your readers and your opinion is valued.

But it’s a little bit harder to figure out exactly what a fiction author should be blogging about. After all, if your book is a murder mystery, then do you blog about murder? Probably not …

With that in mind, here are a few ideas of what fiction authors could post blog entries about:

  • Their work on their next book (writer’s block, dreaming about writing, etc…)
  • Questions that readers are asking them about their previous book
  • Reviews on other books in a similar genre
  • Guest posts by other authors
  • Book signings and/or readings
  • Author conferences or workshops they go to

Remember, the people visiting your website love your work. And they probably respect your opinions, too. So don’t be afraid to share your thoughts about life, other readings, other authors, etc…

And don’t forget to keep your blog current, too! There’s nothing worse than building a blog and letting it sit, untouched, for months.

Hope all this helps!