Forget Your Blog! 6 Other Areas of Your Author Website That Need Updating

Look, I’m a big fan of blogs. They’re a great way to interact with readers, build followers, and drive traffic to your website. But just because you keep your blog updated doesn’t mean that you should neglect the rest of your website! Here are some other areas of author websites that you should be keeping your eye on … and keeping updated.

1. News and Events. Do you have an upcoming speaking engagement? Book signing? Or did you complete an engagement and have photos of the event? Keep this page updated with timely news about upcoming events, and photos of previous events.

2. Book pages. Has your book cover been changed? Is the book now available in paperback as well as hardcover? Make sure to keep the most current information available on the site.

4. Links and resources. If you wrote a nonfiction book, you’re likely to have a page on the site that lists other books, websites, etc… related to your subject matter. Make sure to check those links periodically and make sure they’re all active. Also, add to that list as new books and websites become available.

5. What’s next. Did you create a page on your site to offer teasers about your next book? If so, then make sure to keep it updated with the latest information about that book. For example, share on that page when you have inked a publisher, when there’s a release date scheduled, and — of course — when it’s available for purchase.

6. Reviews and testimonials. You’re bound to get new book reviews over time. You’re also bound to get letters and emails with positive comments about your book. Make sure you keep the website updated with these as they trickle in.

Now, don’t misunderstand: you don’t have to spend day after day going tooth and nail through every page of your site in order to make sure that the information is current. But make sure to review the site in full at least once a month and make any additions that are appropriate. Your readers will appreciate the time and effort.