How Do You Drive Content to Your Author Website or Blog?

Someone started a conversation about this on LinkedIn a few days ago. The question was very simple:

How does one really get people to go to their web site so they can follow their blogs?

I thought it would be valuable to compile some of the responses. I will continue to add to this as I see more valuable recommendations posted…

  • Write stuff people want to know. They will tend to find it.
    – Emily Veinglory
  • Contact other bloggers and trade links. Participate in relevant forums and put the link in your sig line. (Not just forums for writers, but for readers, too.)
    -William Penrose
  • It takes time and lots of it. But content and guest blogs work.
    -Derksen Barb
  • If you build it, and search engines can find it, in my experience they do come. You can then add value with all these SEO and networking strategies.
    -Emily Veinglory
  • When I post a new blog piece, I blurb it out on Facebook and Twitter and I find that if I do it repeatedly, two or three times a day for a few days, my web traffic increases commensurately – often at least 9 or 10 times the norm.
    -Linda Hales

If you have any words of advice, share them in the comments box below. Otherwise, I’ll keep adding other ideas shared on LinkedIn…


  • So far, the only method I have found is to tweet like crazy, and tell people I have a website. I also have several people in my email contact list, and include my website URL with every email I send.
    -R Clint Peters
  • One easy thing–you can set your social media profiles to automatically pull in your blog.
    -Shel Horowitz
  • The first and most basic step, however, is quality content. We are all completely overwhelmed with information. Everyone is vying for our attention. The best way to stand out is the write something great that will create a strong emotional reaction or resonance with readers. Make them laugh, cry, scream, learn or think of something in a completely new way.
    -J Bennett
  • There are some aggregator which promotes your blog/ sites address. You have to be register there your blog or site. Also whenever you write something you can share the link on facebook or other social networking sites, from where the people will come to your blog.
    -Grijesh Kumar
  • Share your website on social media, share it with your friends, share your blog with other people who are using the same blog website. Link to other peoples blogs, post comments on other people blogs and websites so that they might take a look at yours in return.
    -Katherine Fish
  • Generous unselfish comments on relevant blogs are a great way to build connections. Your name will be a link to your site.
    -Joel D Canfield