Keeping Your Author Website Active Between Books

You probably built your author website because you were trying to promote your first book. And, if you were smart, you built it around yourself as an author. That way, when you got future books published, you could easily promote those on the website as well.

But what do you do between books? Do you just let your website sit there? Dormant until you have a new book to announce? Of course not! Here are a few ways to keep your website active — and interactive — while you’re working on your second, third or fourth book…

  • Chronicle your bookwriting. One really interesting idea is to let fans follow the progress of your next book while you’re working on it. You could regularly post updates on what percentage of the book is completed, discuss your publishing efforts, or blog about the ups and downs of working on a new book.
  • Blog, blog, blog. I know I really push blogging, but it can do wonders for an author website. This is especially valuable for a non-fiction writer. If you have a particular subject that you have interest in or knowledge of, blog about it! It could be women’s issues, politics, animal rights… whatever. People who are fans of your writing want to read what you have to say.
  • Write short stories. This one is more appropriate for fiction writers. Keep your readers satisfied and returning for more by posting free short stories on your website. As a fan once said about her favorite author site, “I spent hours reading those stories. They keep me sane between her books.”
  • Don’t forget about announcements and events. Doing any speaking engagements? Winning any awards? Make sure to update your website with this type of information. And every time your previous book hits a sales goal, announce that, too. Don’t think of it as bragging. Think of it as keeping your readers informed.

Do you have any other ideas about how to keep an author website active between titles? Share them with us here!

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