Marketing Techniques That Are Working for Other Authors

I spend a good chunk of time each week browsing author conversations on LinkedIn. This week, there happened to be a lot of discussions regarding what other authors are doing to promote themselves and their books. I took it upon myself to gather some of the highlights and share them with you…


One of the best ways to create visibility is by getting a story in the local newspaper, or an interview on radio and TV. Once this happens, there is the potential to reach thousands of people at the same time.
–Rachel M. Anderson

Every author needs a blog – even traditional publishing houses are now recommending authors blog. Of course, you need a plan to make the most of it. I blogged for 2 years before publishing my first book and my (award winning) blog is the home base for all my book marketing.
–Marquita Herald

I recommend doing guest posts on blogs relevant to your material.  Also, giveaways can sometimes drum up some attention (ie Goodreads)
–Cynthia Vespia

Not a secret, but speaking in public has worked well for me. It builds a very loyal following because the audience feels they know you like a friend.
–Carol Topp, CPA

Every time I give a book away free, I sell two. I’m sure the one I give away is passed around among friends, but so what if there are sales in there somewhere. Of course, this works with digital books. Print books are much too expensive for this tactic.
–Larry Winebrenner

I’ve found that having lectures in libraries, book stories and having friends throw book signing parties, advertising anywhere and everywhere, placing ads in the local papers and the list goes on and on…
–Pattimari Sheets Cacciolfi

TWITTER! I have made a great deal of “contacts” and friends there. I have made MANY on this site joining groups and participating in conversations like this one:
–Kristina Louise


Hope this helps!