New Tool Tracks Social Media Book Data

Everyone wants their book mentioned all over the world of social media. After all, the more you’re talked about through blogging, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, etc… the more exposure you and your book will get. That can only be a good thing.

But how do you keep track of how the word about your book is spreading across all the social media channels? That’s where this new tool comes in…

According to Publishers Weekly, Books-A-Million is teaming up with CoverCake, a a Silicon Valley based technology startup focused on book publishing, to create “a technology platform that can track overall and specific responses to titles and publishers made on multiple social media platforms, including Twitter, Facebook, Amazon, Goodreads and YouTube.”

Best of all, the technology uses sophisticated algorithms to aggregate vast amounts of data so that it can:

  • provide a list of all relevant comments and posts
  • categorize all comments as positive, negative or neutral
  • deliver an aggregate score of total comments
  • break down the level of activities on each social media site
  • isolate the individual posters on all the social media networks who are mentioning the book

Jeff Costello, v-p sales at CoverCake, told Publishers Weekly that by using CoverCake, “publishers and marketers can track individual titles and get specific data on how many people are posting about a specific title on Twitter, say, on any other social media site. Users can track the online discussion around genres—biography, fiction, travel, romance and so on—the gender of readers for a specific title or specific publishers and authors. CoverCake scans data and provides numerical assessments as well as color-coded graphs of activity across abroad range of social media channels. Using their account dashboard to navigate the site, users can even retrieve the specific posts, comments and reviews from Amazon and other sites.”

Watch the demo below of how the tool works:

I think this is going to be a really helpful tool for my clients going forward!