6 Tips for Pre-Selling Your Book

If you’re a smart author — and all our Smart Author Sites clients are 🙂  — you’ll have your website up-and-running well before your book is published. In fact, your website may have even helped to get your book published.

But exactly what should an author be doing with the website for the months leading up to the book’s release date? How do you promote a book that’s not on the shelves yet? Here’s what you can do to get a head start selling copies of your book:

1. Post reviews. If your book is reviewed by a publication pre-release, get that review up on the website ASAP. Especially if it’s a good review.

2. Keep your blog current. Post regularly about things related to your book and/or its release. Make sure people keep coming back for more.

3. Conduct contests. The winner will get an autographed copy of your book as soon as it’s available. Again, this is a great way to create some buzz before the book is even released.

4. Offer a pre-sale price. Obviously, you can only do this if you’re selling the book yourself. But it’s a great way to let people pre-order the book at a discount.

5. Include pre-order links. As soon as your book is available for pre-order on Amazon or B&N, get those links set up from every page of your website. Make it easy for people to order your book immediately.

6. Collect email addresses. Offer an incentive for everyone who visits your website to share their email address. Then, as soon as the book is released, you have a ready-made list of interested parties that you can email with the announcement that the book is available for purchase.

Did you do anything else on your website leading up to the book release that helped increase sales? Share your experiences!

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