Social Networking Sites for Authors: What Works?

Authors: I need your help!

You’d be amazed how many social networking sites there are out there for authors and their readers. I certainly was…

As part of a marketing project for a client, I spent some time this week scouring the web for such sites. Many of them are very similar in how they function — they’re essentially Facebook for book lovers and book writers.

So do these sites work? Are they effective? You tell me!

Here’s the list of sites I amassed this week:

  • GoodReads.com
  • LibraryThing.com
  • BookBlogs.Ning.com
  • WeRead.com
  • FiledBy.com
  • RedRoom.com
  • AuthorsDen.com
  • Shelfari.com

Have any of you used these sites? Have you found them to be effective in creating a buzz for your books or attracting new readers? Have they been worth your time? Which ones have you found to be the most effective?

Please share your thoughts … I’d love to be able to advise my clients in the future on which ones are worth investing the time in.


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