Special Features for an Author Web Site

There are certain pages that are “givens” on author websites. Those include a bio page, a list of books published, a contact page, etc… But what really makes an author web site unique is those “special features” for readers. Things that make the site feel personal and give readers a chance to get an inside peek at the author and their books. After scouring a lot of message boards to see what readers say they like on an author website, here are a few ideas for such content …

  • Book outtakes: We love watching the outtakes of a TV show or movie. Why wouldn’t we want to see the same thing from a book? Consider posting “scenes” that didn’t make it in or character sketches for those that didn’t end up appearing in the book.
  • What’s in a name: If you’re a fiction writer, there’s a reason you gave characters in your books certain names. Share the secrets with your readers about the secret meanings behind the names, the people from your past who had those names, etc…
  • Research notes: Did you do any research for your book? If so, share the stories of where you went, who you spoke to, and what you learned that you didn’t share in the book.
  • Games and quizzes: Readers love fun and interactive elements on an author website. Have a quiz related to the book, or a fun game readers can play.
  • My favorite things: Give readers a sneak peak into your life (within reason, of course). Share your favorite books and movies. The colors you like to wear. Your favorite month of the year. People just eat this stuff up.

What other unique elements have you enjoyed on author websites? Share your thoughts!

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