Time to Sign up for Google Authorship!

It’s 2013! And whether or not you’ve already broken your New Year’s resolutions, here’s a way that you can seriously improve your standing for the upcoming year. Sign up for Google Authorship!

We all know that Google has completely taken over everything related to searches on the web. Which means that once they created Google+ — and made it a must for having good SEO rankings — everyone knew they had to bite the bullet and create a new Google+ profile.

I just went ahead and created my Google+ profile. And, honestly, it wasn’t so bad. Just upload a few pictures, enter your bio information, and boom: you’re done. Whether or not I plan to post there in the future remains to be seen.

But here’s the primary reason why I created my Google+ profile — and why you should, too. It’s called Google Authorship.

After you sign up for Google Authorship, any time an article or blog post that you’ve written shows up on a Google search result, it’s accompanied by your profile picture and a link to your personal page on Google+. In addition, as you may have already guessed, any articles or posts that are linked to Google Authorship are going to get a big SEO boost. In other words, more people are going to see your writing if you set this up.

Creating your own Google Authorship really shouldn’t be that difficult.

  1. Create your Google+ profile.
  2. Add a link to your Google+ profile page on each of your online posts. In the case of a blog, you can actually insert it in the header or footer, meaning that it’s automatically embedded in every post.
  3. Link from your Google+ profile back to your blog. This can be done by going to the “Contributor to” section of your Google+ profile and including the URL of your blog there.

The results won’t show up immediately, but all the experts agree that this can seriously help improve your ranking on Google. So bite the bullet and do it.

Happy New Year, everyone!