Tweeting Benefits For Authors

TwitterI find myself overwhelmed with the variety of social networks an author can use to promote him or herself.  Quality blog posts on my official site should take priority — should represent my writing completely — however, in the online popularity game of celebrity status (i.e. the more networks your name is on the better) I find it hard to put the right amount of time and effort into my blog.

I decided to stop promoting myself for the sake of promoting myself, and began a Twitter account to bring awareness to the anti-conflict diamond campaign — a cause I care deeply about, which in return promotes my research, writing, and helps me build a reader following by tweeting with people who are interested in the subject.

Authors that specialize in a particular field will find Twitter to be a useful tool for (1) informing your audience on current topics, studies, and statistics related to your expertise, (2) directing traffic to your official site, and (3) marketing your book (products or services).  People with Twitter accounts often choose to follow others who are involved in the same interests and careers.  Using this site is a great way to reach out to your targeted audience.  An author can have a link to their Twitter account via their Website.  It’s a great way for first time visitors to connect to your site by them following your tweets.  It keeps you connected to your readers…bonus.