12 Creative Ideas for Promoting Your Book Online

I spend a little time each week browsing the author groups on LinkedIn and such. Sometimes, I come across a gem of a conversation. Today, I came across a bunch!

With that in mind, I am pulling some of the best and most creative ideas that I found in today’s author discussions. The topic? Creative and interesting ways to promote a book online. Here are some of the more promising ideas I found….

  1. Create a Facebook account for your main character.
  2. Invite readers to review your book right on your blog.
  3. Interview some of your favorite authors.
  4. Share a glimpse into your writing process.
    (We do that a lot on our author sites with a Behind the Book page or Book Secrets page)
  5. Conduct a contest of some kind to give away a free book, an autographed book, etc…
  6. Ask for audience contributions to your next book.
  7. Tie your book into a charity.
  8. Share your perspective and updates on author events.
  9. Tie your book and your blog into current events, upcoming holidays, etc…
  10. Review other books in a similar genre on your blog … then ask those authors to do the same.
  11. Allow readers to submit their own reviews on your website.
    (We often use the WordPress comments box to allow this)
  12. Offer glimpses into your book … like one free chapter a week. But make people give you their email address before you let them read a segment.

It’s amazing. Just a quick browse of a few conversations and I got this bunch of amazing ideas. Gotta love the internet…