A Great Post on LinkedIn About Author Blogging

I joined a conversation on LinkedIn about how to add followers to your blog. One person responded with one of the most insightful quotes I have ever read in a social media setting. Here is what Shauntelle Hamlett had to say…

It’s important to remember that even blogging is “social” media… and people (readers) turn to blogs because they want a more personal interaction with the person that their following. So, as you create posts, remember to mix it up… people (readers) enjoy slice of life interaction as well as posts about your stories. I think that is sometimes hard for writer’s to understand because we tend to use the web as a tool… when we read, we’re often researching for inspiration or ideas or to solve a particular problem.

Your readers, on the other hand, are probably seeking to connect… especially if your core audience are women. They are seeking an opportunity to relate… to see that you understand their lives, their fears, their dreams… in a way, you should think of your blog as your online reality television show. Of course, you probably don’t want to attract the same fans as The Real Housewives of Atlanta or Jersey Shore (or maybe you do…), but you want to use similar tactics of providing a space where your fans feel they are getting an inside view of your life, your writing process, your character’s lives…
Do with this as you wish. I think it’s a wonderful approach to blogging! You go, Shauntelle!

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