Authors: Get Creative With Your ‘Thank You’ Page

I stumbled across a really interesting idea yesterday while reading a marketing magazine. It’s one that I’m going to implement on our site when I get a chance, and I encourage you to as well!

Most of the authors I build websites for have a “thank you” page somewhere on the site. Maybe it’s the page someone is taken to after they sign up for the newsletter …. or submit a question/comment … or buy the book! These “thank you” pages are usually pretty boring. After all, their purpose is usually just to let the person know that their submission — whatever kind it is — has been received.

But why not do more with a “thank you” page than just say “thank you?” Here are some ideas of creative ways authors can put such a page to better use:

  • Include links to your social networking profiles, so that people can connect with you other ways as well
  • Ask if someone who has signed up for your newsletter would ALSO like to get the RSS feed from your blog
  • Offer a fun link to a book excerpt that isn’t available anywhere else on the site
  • Write a funny tidbit about how much you enjoy receiving comments like the one a reader just submitted

These are just a few ideas … feel free to get creative with it in a way that works best for you. And please do share any other fun ideas you might have in the “comments” section below.

And if you’re ready to talk with us about building your own author web site — one with a dynamic “thank you” page, of course — contact us today for a free consultation!