New and Innovate Ways to Sell Yourself and Your Books

I came across a really interesting blog entry today on The WM Freelance Writers’ Connection. In it, blogger and author Angela Atkinson talks about a contest she had on her own site (with the three winners getting free copies of her e-book), asking readers for the best and most unique marketing ideas they could muster. Ironically, just holding this contest was a pretty good marketing tactic, so good for you, Angela!

Here are the winners… Hopefully, some of these ideas may help authors like you!

First Place: Monica Holtz

One idea: Donate a portion of the book’s proceeds to a nonprofit organization, and reap higher sales. I did this with my book, Emily at the Zoo (, and sales have been going strong at retail locations in my area for more than a year.

Another idea: Carry books with you everywhere. When an acquaintance asks what you’ve been doing lately, you can show the person your book. I have sold books this way in the parking lot of a grocery store, at a wedding reception, at meetings, and many other places.

Second Place: Ruth Molinar

1.One idea might be to partner with another author who has a complementary book or service and each of you offer the other’s product as a “bonus” for a limited time.

2. Seek endorsement or back cover blurbs from industry giants or academics.

3. Since you are already on the Kindle and going to other formats (Nook please!), you could work with the house (amazon or B&N) for “feature” you. I know that B&N does this and I have picked up books I would not have otherwise.

3a. B&N also has an excerpt feature for Nook owners to read a small section of the beginning of the book to prompt/tempt buyers— I know this has worked great because I have bought WAY more than I should have because of this!

Third Place: Diane Stephenson

One way is to pre-sell your book. Contact your entire list with an offer of a discount for ordering before the publishing date. Don’t have a list? Post it on your blog with an opt-in page and ask others to post it on their blogs with a link back to your opt-in and the promise of a copy of the book for helping you.

If you attend writers’ conferences there is often an opportunity to display and sell your books and also network with other attendees. You never know who you might meet there – an editor, agent, etc.

Enjoy! And, as always, feel free to contact us about marketing YOUR book online. Take advantage of our free consultation by contacting us today!