How to Drive Traffic to Your Blog: Ideas from Authors Themselves

I came across a discussion today on a LinkedIn group for authors. The conversation was started by the following question: How do you find people to read your blog – and on a consistent basis?

Here are some of the responses I found to be most interesting. I hope you find them helpful, too.


Here is an idea – write a daily blog, with ideas and extracts from your books. I was getting about 450 hits a month on my blog until December 31st last year, when I made it my new years resolution to write a daily blog. After 10 months and more than 200 blog posts, its 1527 a month. Many of them have become followers. The followers read the blog consistently. Its hard work, but worth it! — Althea Hayton


We ought not forget that the content has to be of interest in order to attract a following. To be of interest it has to be unique, well written and timely. if you meet those criteria (and if there aren’t 100 other people providing the same information), publicize it to those who you know would find it of interest and ask them to tell 10 of their friends and colleagues about the column. When people subscribe to your blog, thank them and urge them to tell other people. Peter Pollak


I am doing something a bit strange these days — instead of a normal blog, I am writing my new book on my blog on my website, calling it A Book in Progress. I do get nice hits, whenever I tweet or mention it on Facebook. — Ilil Arbel


… the trick is to write just 500 words each day! That is as much as the average blog reader will absorb in any case. Drip feeding!! Lots of images off the net, links and relevant utube. Twitter and Facebook every post. Also do blog posts scheduled in advance to allow for busy times, holidays etc. Then my readers check in daily to see what I have written, and some even leave comments, which is lovely! — Althea Hayton


My blog features my “work in progress” on the book I’m doing. I only post about once a month – I spend three hours a day writing in addition to another full time job – so I don’t have time for a daily post. My posts are somewhat analytical about what I’m writing, and I ask the reader to comment on the subject if they wish to. I think it is a good gauge as to how the work is progressing and how it makes the reader feel. Moreover, the blog is an anchor for me – it is a connection between the book and the outside world, if that makes sense. — Sally DeSmet


If you have any more ideas to share, please post them in the comments box below. Otherwise, I will continue to add to this post as new ideas are posted in the conversation.

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