How Any Author Can Prepare for a Successful Book Launch in 2011

A great press release I came across today … Thought any up-and-coming author would appreciate it.


How Any Author Can Prepare for a Successful Book Launch in 2011

At the start of a new year, many writers look to print-on-demand as a quick and economical publishing solution. If an author is prepared for a book launch, her book stands a greater chance for success when it hits the marketplace.


PRLog (Press Release)Dec 31, 2010 – At the start of a new year, many writers look to print-on-demand as a quick and economical publishing solution. But authors can easily lose focus on the quest to the bestseller list. If an author is prepared for a book launch, her book stands a greater chance for success when it hits the marketplace. Author Launch Publishing has released a top-ten list on what every author should do when getting ready to publish a book.

1) Yes, you’ve heard this one a dozen times, but there are still many authors who haven’t taken this very important step, which is the first thing any new author should do: Create an author Web site. Imagine someone reading your book and liking it enough to want to learn more about the author. What’s the first thing this person is going to do? He/she will go online and search for your Web site. What if you don’t have one? Chances are this person will put your book aside and move on to something else. Why take that chance of losing a valuable reader. What if you decide to release another book? What if you decide to offer consulting or coaching services? What if you already have a business that this reader would benefit from? In today’s busy world, the number one way readers will know you exist is by having a Web site. Make sure the content on your site is engaging and updated regularly. And test your site for broken links before it goes live.

2) How can your readers contact you? Have one or more of the following: email, phone number, mailing list, social media site, and/or a business address such as a post office box. You want to be accessible to your readers if they have questions, want to know when your next book will be available, or to tell you how much they liked your book.

3) Offer easy options for your readers to preorder/buy your book. They should be able to click on a link for a fast and secure purchase. If you publish with Author Launch Publishing, you don’t have to worry about inventory. Once your book is available on,, and through other online book channels, you can place links to these pages on your Web site. Then your readers can select the channel they prefer to buy from.

4) Send copies of your book to prominent bloggers, book reviewers, newspapers, and magazines. If they offer to review your book, make sure you get a copy of the review and add it to your Web site. This will help you gain exposure that can lead to a following of loyal readers.

5) Create a blog. But only do this if you have the time. Many authors attempt this, but then abandon their blogs after a month or two. Blogs take time, commitment, and passion, so only jump in if you see yourself blogging for years. If blogging is not your thing, then use Facebook and/or Twitter to post mini blog posts (you should also get involved in social networking). These can be a sentence or two, done a few times a week, and provide enough information to your readers where they can stay informed on what you’re working on and the latest news on your book.

6) Approach local bookstores (independent and big chains) and libraries and ask if you can do a book signing. If you show them that you’re willing to advertise the event and get people to attend, you may be surprised at how fast they say “yes.”

7) Contact your local media (television, radio, newspapers, and magazines) and pitch them something newsworthy about your book. Find the right hook that will get their attention. Why did you write the book? What problem are you trying to solve? Who will benefit from reading your book? Your main goal is to make others aware of your new book, and what better way than utilizing these outlets. When approaching the media, select the editor who works in your area of expertise. Note: Print media works on issues several months before publication, so if your news item is timely, plan to contact them months ahead of the desired target date.

8) Flyers can bring in new readers so don’t miss this opportunity. Create flyers (include a unique message about your book) and place them at your local library, colleges, coffee shops, bookstores, and anywhere else in your area where you think you can attract attention. Don’t forget to ask first before posting your flyer.

9) Attend writer’s conferences and network with other writers. Writers are great at spreading news about books by other writers. Offer to speak at the conference or co-present with another author.

10) Start thinking about your next book and jotting down ideas. You now know how long it takes to write a book, so it’s best to get started sooner rather than later. This next time you’ll know what’s involved in launching a book and you’ll be prepared and more confident in yourself as a published author.

The journey to publishing a book is an exciting and rewarding experience. Although writing the book takes hard work and determination, preparing for the book launch also requires drive, confidence, and a marketing roadmap. Arm yourself with these top 10 tips, and you’ll be ahead of the game on your path to publication. Prepare yourself today and make your dream as an author a reality tomorrow.

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