The Dos and Don’ts of Book Reviews

It’s common sense that having lots of rave reviews of your book on Amazon can increase book sales. But what’s the best way to get those reviews on there? Here are some do’s and dont’s:

  • Do send out an email to your full list of contacts, announcing when your book is released and encouraging them to go onto Amazon and post a review once they’ve read it.
  • Do not make up a dozen fake usernames on Amazon and start posting lots of similarly-sounding rave reviews of your book. How bad would that look if people figured it out?
  • Do ask your friends and family to post reviews of your book — in their own words. Also, make sure their usernames don’t match your last name!
  • Do not tell people what to say in their reviews of your book. Even if your friends and family aren’t great writers, it’s so much more natural when they choose their words themselves.
  • Do encourage your website visitors or people who write you to you to tell you how much they like your book to post book reviews on Amazon.
  • Do not allow your well-meaning mother-in-law or close friend to create a dozen fake accounts on Amazon and post glowing reviews of your book. That’s no different from you doing the same thing yourself.
  • Do approach people who are “Top Reviewers” on Amazon and ask them to review your book. They may or may not agree to do so, but their reviews are pretty well respected.

What strategy helped you get lots of good reviews on Amazon? Let us know!