What’s Behind the Book?

One really interesting idea for content on an author website — and one that I think gets sorely overlooked — is a page called “Behind the Book.”

On a “Behind the Book” page, an author can write a piece in the first person explaining what prompted them to write the book. Think of it as an opportunity to share something personal with people who are fans of your book. Something that can’t be found within the book itself.

If it’s a nonfiction book, there’s probably a really good story behind it. For instance, it might be your personal story of watching someone overcome addiction. Or it could be your decade-long quest to find a spiritual truth. You get the idea.

For a fiction author, there was probably a little germ of an idea a long time ago that has now turned into a published masterpiece! Why not tell people how the idea started out, how the story evolved as you began to work on it, and any fun tidbits that came up as you went along — like changing the main character’s name.

This may sound simple, but it’s a great thing to offer your readers. After all, don’t you love the Behind the Scenes interviews with movie actors? The ones where they share their stories about making the movie? Or wouldn’t you love to see the creators of your favorite TV show share the details about how the idea came to fruition in the first place?

A book is no different, and your website is the perfect place to offer this little “web extra” to your fans.