What Do People Really Look at on Author Websites?

Ever wonder what people really look at on an author website? Or what makes them want to come back to the site regularly? We now have some insight.

In browsing some other blogs and online conversations, I have amassed a list of the things that people say they most want to see on author web sites. Here’s a list:

  • A preview of books in the works
  • Book excerpts
  • Author bio
  • A backlist (preferably a printable version)
  • FAQs or Q&As
  • Author blog
  • Upcoming book signings/appearances
  • Pictures
  • Contests

And here are a few things that people DON’T like on author websites:

  • Any music playing
  • A site that isn’t updated

All that said, not every author site is the same. So should you build yourself an author website — or if you already have one — make sure to get web stats each month (I’ll write another post on this later in the week) so that you can see what people are looking at on your site. That’s how you can decide what’s worth adding to and what might be an unnecessary time eater.

So am I missing anything? What else do you like looking at on author websites? Or what’s on your web site that’s been a huge success? Share your thoughts in the comment box!