Writers Writing for Writers

We’ve already established that an author’s website should contain interesting content above and beyond what’s in the book. But for some people, it’s a challenge to figure out just what that is. Sure, if you’re a doctor who writes about health-related issues, it’s a no-brainer. You should blog and answer questions about health. But what if you’re a fiction writer? What if you’re not an “expert” in your field? What in the world would people want to hear about?

Believe it or not, there are many aspiring writers out there who wish they were in your shoes. And whether you’re published by a major publishing house, self-published, or looking for a publisher, you’re already a big step ahead of most people who want to become the next Nora Roberts. While your personal story may seem mundane to you, it’s probably of interest to many other people out there.

So why not write about being a writer? Blog regularly with your stories about what prompted you to write, the struggles you have getting published, your thoughts on your next book, your struggles with writer’s block. Blog in real time, and share your feelings as you finish your next manuscript or prepare for a meeting with an agent.

In short, write about writing. And offer tips and advice to other aspiring writers. This will keep your site new and fresh, offer fun “inside” tips to people who are fans of your books, build a loyal following, and attract other aspiring authors to your website who may never have heard of you otherwise.

See, you are an expert on something!